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Why I’m Running

Washington is broken, and our shared values are under assault. As an attorney and an activist, I’ve fought to uphold those values – justice, fairness, and dignity – and won. I represented a young, unarmed, African-American man who was shot by police, and won at the Supreme Court. I secured asylum for a gay man from Jamaica, won a major First Amendment case for a police officer, and obtained landmark relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I’ve organized national youth political conventions and was the Youth Governor of New Jersey. And I’ve worked with the family business, seeing firsthand what it takes to create jobs in the construction and infrastructure fields. If elected to represent New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, I will bring that experience to Washington and work to expand opportunity, improve security, and strengthen our communities.

What I’ll Fight For
Expanding opportunity
Everyone deserves access to economic and educational opportunities. I will work to create sustainable jobs by investing in our infrastructure, make college and trade schools more affordable by expanding tax deductions for tuition, and empower workers by strengthening unions.
Improving Security
We have to keep our country safe, but security doesn’t end there. Hard-working families need to know that the government will stand by its end of the social contract. I will fight for universal healthcare and policies to support working families, including paid family leave and raising the minimum wage.
Strengthening Community
America is strong because millions of people have come together from millions of backgrounds with a common purpose. We cannot allow anyone, least of all the president, to divide us by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, or anything else.