Meet Goutam
Goutam Jois was born, raised, and went to public school in New Jersey and has been an activist and advocate for the last 20 years. He is also a dad, football coach, and stand-up comedian. If elected, he will draw on his unique background to fight for the residents of the Seventh District.


In high school, he was Youth Governor of New Jersey and organized national youth political conventions. He helped start a Youth and Government program for high schoolers in Washington, DC, and today he works with Atlas Corps, an organization that brings nonprofit leaders from around the world to the U.S.


As an attorney, Goutam successfully litigated police brutality at the Supreme Court, LGBT asylum, First Amendment free speech issues, and other civil rights cases. He represented entrepreneurs, litigated cutting-edge business issues, and fought government overreach.


Goutam also works with the family business – a construction management consulting company his father started in their garage that now employs nearly 75 people. He has seen firsthand what it takes to create jobs, particularly in the construction and infrastructure fields.


Since 2009, Goutam has coached semi-pro football. Goutam also performs stand-up comedy and was named America’s Funniest Attorney; he is still not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult.


Goutam has an undergraduate degree in Government and a Master of Public Policy degree from Georgetown and a law degree from Harvard. He lives in Summit with his wife, Elizabeth, who also attended Georgetown and Harvard Law School, and who works for a nonprofit organization representing low-income individuals in health care, public benefits, and civil rights cases. They have two children, Anjali (6) and Vikram (4), who are in constant competition to see who can be the bigger troublemaker.
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